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    Welcome to the greatest neighborhood in Broken Arrow. This website is designed to help you keep in touch with the Home Owners Association as well as let you know what is going on in our community.

    The Estates at Pembrooke Park Owners Association, Inc
    10026–A S. Mingo Road # 183
    Tulsa, OK 74133

Final Snow Removal Update and More

Roger and I drove the whole neighborhood early this evening.  I think most will agree, the roads can now be driven in our neighborhood with few problems.  A number of you have sent in compliments on our decision to do this, and we really appreciate the feedback.  The project did not go without a hitch.  We were going to have 3 pieces of equipment.  The End loader was frozen and could not be started, and the other CAT broke down and could not be fixed quick enough.  But the crew got the whole project done quickly and efficiently.  We hope you all enjoy being able to drive out and into the neighborhood easily.  We will do it again in the future if necessary.  If anyone had any problems, please let me know.  Those who had their driveways done will be billed for the $40.00.  Just send to our address at The Estates at Pembrooke Park Home Owners Association, Inc., 10026–A S. Mingo Road # 183, Tulsa, OK 74133.  This is the official business address of the Home Owners Association.

Fourth of July Fireworks Display

We need to have a committee look at how we do the Fourth of July Fireworks display.  We ran into some problems last year, and we believe we can find some solutions.  If you would like to serve on this committee, your input would be greatly appreciated.  Just let me know by return E-mail and we will get this set up.

Basketball Goal Policy Updated

We now have a final version of the Basketball Goal Policy.
You can read it on the documentation page or click here