The Great Estates of Pembrooke Park Neighborhood Garage Sale

We are just one week away from our great Estates at Pembrooke Park Neighborhood Garage Sale.  I hope you have been thinking about what you want to sell.

 Here is how it works.  The Home Owners Association is advertising the garage sale.  We will have signs at the entrance to the Trails to drive people into the neighborhood.  The hours will start at 8:00 AM.  We have had people in the neighborhood as early as 7:00 AM.

 I will produce a map of the neighborhood with a list of items for sale at the addresses of participants.  This map will be given out to people as they enter the neighborhood with other instructions about the garage sale.

 This is a very popular event, and most of you will sell out by noon.  The neighborhood will be full of people and it is a good time to sell what ever you would like.

 To participate in the maps, just e-mail me a list of the items you are selling.  I would like to have the lists by Thursday.  I will send out a copy of the map to the neighborhood so that you have the first opportunity to buy some of these great items.  This will occur on Friday and if there is something you might be interested in, you can go by and see your neighbors and the item ahead of the sale.

 If you are new to the garage sale, you will be surprised at the traffic we will get.  This garage sale is very popular.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me either by e-mail of by phone.

 There is no cost to you participating, and if you do not want to have a list, simply open your garage door and put items out on the driveway.  There will be a lot of traffic, but we have found that the maps and lists help people get to the items they are interested in.

 Good Luck!

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